Little Dick Loser Humiliation

Hi there Stubby!

How is your Friday going? Is your wife going to HUMILIATE you again;by telling you that she wants a BIGGER dick this weekend? Maybe, you don’t even have a wife . Nobody wants  little dick loser like YOU by their side.

I am feeling so mean today. I truly enjoy despicable little dick cunts like you.

Yes, you truly are a disgrace. I am curious,  have been a loser all your life?  Pindick, how did you EVER convince a woman to sleep with you?  I bet you had to  lavish her with expensive  gifts just to compensate for that little stub of dick.  YOU ARE  SUCH A FUCKING JOKE!

Such a hard life for your wife. She settled for a nickel of dick. Constantly, you are subjected to cuckold humiliation. “You can only lick my pussy twice a month,” she scolds you. You take the blows to your manhood because you know that you can NEVER measure up. You wish you knew what it felt like to be inside  her hot,wet pussy . However, you NEVER get the chance.

She only LETS you watch her get her pussy RAVAGED by a real MAN who has a MASSIVE nine inch, thick cock. You sit in the  corner watching , as she receives his dick: opening  her legs wide ,  moaning  while she CUMS for HIM. That’s right, her pussy creams like a volcano for HIM,not your little wanker!

You love to looking  at dicks that are  bigger than yours, don’t you?  That mind of yours  twists and turns because you CRAVE cock. Don’t worry, this Mistress understands that sometimes you desire what you don’t have. How would that cock taste in your mouth?  I want  you to tell me your hidden desires. I KNOW you want to feel a big dick in your hands. Yes, I would make you my cock sucking little whore, because that is what you deserve.

I would thoroughly enjoy bending your mind in a sea of  phone humiliation.

After all, that is what you are used to,isn’t it?

Let’s talk… Pindick Loser,

Mistress Camlyn

**blowing you kisses**


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